Melbourne’s Artists Unveil their Vibrant World with Brushstrokes and Soul-Words

We’ll dive right in to the sometimes colorful and messy world, but always intriguing, of Melbourne’s painters. Imagine that you are strolling down an alleyway. The alley isn’t just any other. Walls are literally alive with vibrant street art. You feel as though you’ve stepped into another dimension. Melbourne’s for you. A place where paint doesn’t only cover a stain; it is an art form, click here!

There are many ways to bring a touch of Melbourne into your home. They are many. There are many artists who have the ability to make a room look as beautiful as Van Gogh’s Starry Night, or brighten up a cafe with such vibrant colors that they will wake you better than your morning caffeine.

It’s like trying to find a needle inside a haystack… but the haystack itself is made up of needles. It’s not uncommon to find traditionalists or modernists. You may also come across minimalists. Or, you might even run into a dude that only uses blue shades, because, according to him, it is relaxing.

How can you decide? Do not look for people who claim to be able do all things. Jack-of all-trades masters of none is right, don’t you think? Search for someone with a style that makes you emotional or who at the very least, moves your heart. Art is something personal.

But, hey! Don’t go throwing money at everyone with a broom and ladder. As the world becomes more eco-friendly (which, by the way, is great), you should ask what paint they use. Maybe keep looking. If the company still uses paint that makes Mother Nature cry then you should probably look elsewhere. Plenty of eco-friendly painter are out there, making waves in the industry without messing up our planet.

You’re going to need help bringing the vision you’ve had into reality if you don’t have a degree in arts. (Congratulations, if that’s you!) The best painters don’t see you just as a paycheck. Instead, they are like your cool copilot for an epic roadtrip through Colorlandia. It’s their job to not only guide but also adapt to you and what you enjoy.

Innovation? Melbourne’s innovation is unmatched! Paintings are so durable they last longer than the leftover pizza you have in your fridge, while techniques used to create them are still unnamed. It’s important to remember that new and shiny doesn’t mean always the best.

Melbourne has plenty of workshops for eager beavers who wish to dip their own paintbrushes into the pot. Melbourne offers workshops to suit every level of skill, from “What’s a Brush?” to “Picasso whom?”. Get involved; who knows what masterpiece is hiding beneath those ten fingertips?

No matter if it is on canvas, concrete or a combination of both, the paintings tell a story. They intertwine our personal stories with others’ stories that we may meet in public or even invite into our home or business. Each stroke is a whisper of a dream realized or fought in silence.

It’s important to remember that when you see a blank wall or stroll through Melbourne thinking that it needs something, painters do not simply use paints and pens. Instead they are poets who create sonnets with brushes.

After all, your choice of color will reflect your life’s journey. Or at the very least it can be a fun conversation piece over dinner.