How to Choose Your Road Ready Companion: Straight-Talking Guide

Now, without sounding like we are about to embark on an epic tale, let’s take a look at the world of leather vests for bikers. This is not the place to get a history lesson or an ethics lecture about leather a Shipwreck in the Sand. We’ll keep things real and straight forward.

Let’s first talk about leather quality. You’ve got options: cowhide, buffalo… even kangaroo if you’re feeling exotic. Here’s what you need to know: full-grain hides are the way to go. Like whiskey, it only gets better over time. Even if it has some marks and scratches, that only adds to its character.

Then we move on to craftsmanship. You’ve probably bought things that fall apart more quickly than cheap umbrellas in storms. Annoying, right? Good stitching in a vest can be like finding the perfect mechanic. Zippers and snaps must be durable because nobody wants to have a wardrobe breakdown at 60 mph.

Fit is everything. Fit is king. This should hug your body just the right amount, so that you can eat an extra taco for lunch without feeling uncomfortable.

If you want to be classic in style, go with black. But don’t hesitate to add a touch of color to your look. You can use browns or reds if that’s what makes you feel spicy. How about patches? These patches are not only for decoration. They tell your personal story. Where you’ve traveled, what you like, or who you ride alongside.

The next step is to focus on sustainability. You can find vegan clothing that is as good or better than Fido.

Fabric and fun combine for a custom-made vest. The vest you wear can be just as personal as grandma’s cookie recipe. Let your imagination run wild. Use patches, embroidery or painted designs. Don’t forget: Every addition adds to your story.

Take care of that bad boy. The leather is tough, but it has its weakness – heat and water can make the leather resemble beef jerky. Cleaning and conditioning leather is important. Store it in a cool, dry place unless you like crispy leather (no judgement).

The perfect leather vest for a biker is not rocket science. It can be found in a variety of styles and colors. This is an extension to who you are. Wear it proudly.

Life is too short to wear boring vests. It’s not worth living a boring life!

Think about the awesome selfies you’ll take with your new gear! Here we are all rolling with cash! You can follow these tips to find the vest you want. Browse online or in stores until you locate it. Then wear it with pride like the boss biker you know that you are.