Hunting Used Tesla’s for the Perfect Model is a thrilling experience

Oh, buying a Tesla is a long journey. The experience is similar to stepping into a second-hand car store. The wallet is in hand. In your head are electric zooms and zooms. However, there’s also a little voice asking, “Am. I. about to purchase a lemon?” No need to worry, fellow ecowarriors. Let’s get started on our adventure website.

Let’s address the elephant that is in the room. Battery life. This is not like purchasing an old dog. You won’t be buying something in its last days. These batteries have endurance. These batteries are marathon runners. Although they haven’t been used for 100k km, they still hold plenty of energy to last you on your daily commute.

Here’s the tech stuff. Teslas are like smartphones on four wheels. As with fine wine or George Clooney they are updated and become better with time. Check the software update history of Tesla before you pay your hard earned cash. You do not want to miss having your car sing you “Caraoke”, as you sit in traffic.

You can choose the right model by tasting it and deciding how much you are willing to handle before your brain freezes. Enjoy showing off? Model S will have your heart skipping a beat each time you floor the car. Need room for kids, dogs and the kitchen sink? Model X doors open up like an eagle spreads its wings – because, why not?

We should not forget what we are doing – saving the world one electric mile a day while saving some green. It’s a great way to reduce waste by buying used and give things a second-life. Mother Nature gives it two thumbs up.

But beware. Finding Waldo in the search for the perfect Tesla can be a frustrating experience. Don’t expect a used Tesla to be dirt-cheap just because the car has been owned by someone else. Teslas’ value is more tightly held than my grandma’s purse at bingo.

Tesla’s used program offers a good alternative to buying from Craig’s list or other sources. While it will cost more, they’ll check the car more thoroughly than I do when I tell my mother I’m dating someone.

We’ll cut it short, because who wants to spend a long time saying goodbye? The quest to buy a preowned Tesla can be an exciting one, with many highs and some lows. Listings are often viewed late at night, when you’re supposed to be sleeping. If you do find “the right one,” and plug it in to your garage (or your apartment window on the third floor), then watch as it takes off without sounding a single note, that is pure magic.

It’s important to be patient, and also to do your homework. And most importantly? Enjoy the ride, metaphorically or literally. You can have a lot of fun with a Tesla if your play the cards right. It’s important to remember that each mile driven in an electric chariot represents another “I warned you so” moment. When people doubted if you were going to join the EV renaissance without spending a fortune, you will have a chance to prove them wrong. Seattle can be anything, including the sun. Like trying to find a parking spot in downtown Seattle late on a Friday night, the story is often twisted and turned. Rain City residents can certainly guide you safely and humorously through the adventure.